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Communication in Relationships

Good Communication is the key to success in marriage life

Communication in Relationships: Whether your partner’s life is just starting or living a couple, for any length of time, you have to believe in your heart that you want to have a happy life.

Nowadays the rate of divorce is much higher. In the past, husbands and wives split up in their duties such as husband works outside and is responsible for his duties, while the wife is responsible for housework and caring for the children. But today most families do not associate with the same function. Both husbands and wives work outside the home.

The key to making a family bond is becoming an excellent communicator, which is conducive to bonding, attending to each other with a warm heart and supporting each other. Besides, it is necessary to avoid inappropriate communication in Relationships, which leads to many chain problems later on.

Inappropriate communication in relationship

The example of inappropriate communication is both of directly and implicitly such as aggressive talk, for example, there is an unemployed husband without having an income, and the wife has to work alone. They got less income, so the wife said aggressively to her husband with challenge and irony word. This communication is an attempt to show power to each other to communicate that the other party is not right, they both quarrel and may intensify the destruction of property or physical harm.

I will give you some example of communication in relationship sentences that express aggressive communication such as

“Oh, no, you should know it’s too expensive.” This sentence expresses loud aggression.
“Now, man must help the housework. It should not only for a woman’s task” This sentence expresses aggressive teaching.
“You have to go to the store right now, and soon it will rain.” This sentence expresses the aggressive, orderly manner.
“Do you have no hands?” This sentence expresses a bitter irony.
“The neighborhood wife does not like you.” This sentence express an aggressive speaking with others.

Blended Communication in relationships

For example, a wife works outside the home as well as husband. No one is in the house, a wife can not work alone, she needs help from her husband, and the husband is not familiar with the job before. Sometimes he forgets to help; sometimes he does it wrong. Wife is upset, become complacent, and uses command voice tone. It will make the husband look like a servant.

Sometimes the way that wife acts like she teaches her husband how to do the errand things. It will make the husband seems like the child in the house. He will admit that he is not good, not right, and allow his wife to be superior and persistent.

A husband will get enough pressure that may explode violently. Sometimes it can be as dangerous as murder.

I will give you a few sentences examples of expressions of communication such as

“To be honest, I want to rest, but I’m going to go with you ”
“I’m wrong, I did not cook in time, I knew you were tired and hungry.”

Cited rational communication in relationships

For example, a husband is unemployed, but he does not seek to work or to earns a living. Let his wife work alone, and their income becomes not enough to cover their monthly’s spend. When the wife consulted with her husband about this topic, her husband would be argued that many unemployed people are considered to be up to date happening among today.

Examples of sentences that express rationalized communication in relationships such as

“I’m going to be unemployed, but the unemployment has millions. It’s as modern as anyone else. ”
“To you it’s expensive, but it’s pretty on you.”
“I’m angry because you started it before.”

An inappropriate speech will make others feel worthless or be exploited. But the most critical thing in couple life is the feeling of self-worth. This will be affected by the relationship in marriage life.

Proper communication in relationships

begins with having a right attitude towards oneself and others. Unlike poor communication, it often starts with a lousy attitude toward yourself or others or both.

Sentences express appropriate communication.
“Speak frankly if you do not ask me, I did not say anything, but if you ask, I would say it is expensive. ”
“Sorry to make you feel uncomfortable.”
“Today I want you to go home very soon, okay?”
“I know you’re tired and hungry. I have a vital job to deal with. Wait a minute I’ll get back to you soon. ”

Excellent communication in relationships with your spouse is an integral part of a happy family life. If you encounter any obstacles in life, it can overcome with a good bond.

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