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When married life is not as it should be, here is your marriage advice.


Before marriage, you and your spouse have almost the same thing. Now disappointment makes you feel unhappy and living together which is no different from jail.

How do you improve relationships? But first, let’s see what might be causing you to feel frustrated.


Cause of Problem

To think about this situation, the daily routine of raising children and getting in touch with relatives of the husband or wife may lead to sweetness in their lives, gradually falling into the unknown and aggravating unexpected problems such as poor financial condition. Or to take care of family members who are chronically ill, it may cause tension in the family.

The difference is that we live together. While we are falling in love with each other. Both may overlook the differences between each other. But enough to get married and know that. We two are different. Both ways of talking, using money and solutions. A difference at first makes you feel annoyed. But this may become the end of the story.

Start ignoring the feelings of each other. During the living period, husband or wife may say or do something that does not care about the other’s opinions. The conflict that lasted for years may cause both of them silent not to reveal the real feelings. Or worse, it is. One party may start to let others off.

Dream in what does not match reality. Some married people think He found the right man. And to live together happily ever after. The idea that he is a blue man is destined to be a sweet soul, but romantic, but this idea may be the beginning of life collapse. Because of the problem and not as expected, the love story “true couple” is the end.

What are the marriage advice?

Look at the advantages of spouses. Let’s do this. Write down a few of his benefits and keep it with you, like a small wedding photo you carry. Or save it on your mobile phone. Take what you often write to remind you why you decided to marry this person. Looking at the advantages of a spouse can help you endure many different things. It also helps to live together happily without quarreling.

Plan to have a particular time together before you get married, two people like to meet and spend time doing extraordinary things together is a new thing in life that makes your heart beat. Have you ever done this before? Now, why not do it like that? Sometimes you should plan to spend some extra time together, which will make you more intimate. And help you with your partner to deal with unexpected problems better.

Open your mind if you feel hurt because of what your spouse says or does. Can you forget about that? If you do not remember, do not solve the game with a trifle. Open your mind as soon as you feel ready to talk calmly. And if it should, then face it before the night.

Marriage advice on how to recreate the new trust


Tell the truth to each other

At first, you and your partner may feel pain so that you do not want to talk about out of your mind. But in the end. You need to speak honestly about what’s going on. You may choose not to mention everything. But to avoid talking about it is not wise. How can you talk to each other without a fight? Remember, the primary goal of talking is not to make your partner hurt. But to learn from the tragic situation and strengthen your relationship.

Work as a team.

If you both cooperate. You will undoubtedly regain your trust. But both of you must strive and try hard to maintain the marriage. If you decide to solve the problem unilaterally, you can also create more problems for yourself. You have to look at your spouse as a teammate.

Change and transform yourself.

If you are outside the spouse’s mind, you would think that there are habits or views that you have to quit decisively to maintain the marriage?

Of course, you have to cut off the relationship with your love affair.

Beyond this, if you are wrong. You may need to change some habits. Like You may be the one who likes to sow charm or adulterer. Or like thinking about being in love with people who are not your spouse. If so “Get rid of old habits and their practices.” Stop old habits and change yourself to make your marriage pairs more understand in you.

What if your spouse speaks or does something that hurt your feeling? Can you forget it?

Let go of what is feeling. You do not want to make another person sad, so do not forget to apologize in the heart if you make the other party hurt or regret unknowingly. Raise the topic that you both feel uncomfortable to talk to. This will not cause any problems in the future.

Hold on to your promise or pledge.

Do you remember that before getting married or on a wedding day? What have you promised your partner? Think about it and ask yourself. ‘I will hold on to the promise of love forever?’ Do not be fooled, but think that the other party does not follow the promise that you promised because you promised you. To make the same vow, if each party Try to hold on to the commitment you both will have a happy marriage as a reward.

Always ask yourself for that.

What is the reason why I want to save my marriage even though my spouse is out of my mind?

Now, what good feature do I see in my spouse?

When did it start dating What do I do to let my partner know I love him? And now I can do that again?


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