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Marriage Therapy after many years of marriage, some couples begin to show less love. If your life is like this, seek marriage therapy?

Simply ask yourself first what the things you should know?

Love makes life happy. If you want to have a keen mind and a healthy body, you must eat and drink water regularly. The same as if you’re going to keep your life stable, happy and balance. You have to show often love for each other even you have got married for many decades. Husband and wife also want their partners to express that they still love and care for each other like the same in the old days.

True love does not be selfish. If we love our partner, we will do everything to make him happy. Loving couples do not express love only when they want to do it. I think the feelings of the spouses want to show off and do what the other party wants. Usually, the wife wants her husband to show more love than the husband wants from his wife. The husband may love his wife. But the man typically indicates love just before going to work and going home or when he wants to have sex. Sometime it will result his wife is not sure that her husband cares for her. I think it is much better to find love opportunities for each other throughout the day.

Next, what are the things you can do in your marriage therapy

Love. Just say simple words such as “I love you” or “you are important to me.” Those words will make your partner feel good, precious and loved. P.S.  Other than you say, love, you may write a note, send an email, or send a message. That is a right way too. 

Do actions like you express your love by hugging, kissing, or holding hands, maybe make the word “love you” means more. Soft touch with gentle eyes or you can give a surprise gift to your partner. What else would you do for your wife like you can help her hold the bag, open the door for her, wash dishes, or cook meals? All of these actions make most wives feel like it is another way of a show of love! P.S. Treat your relationship like you did in the beginning.

Spend time together. If you can find time together, your life will be, and your partner will have more confidence in you are happy to be with him. But if you have to look after the children or busy with housework every day, it may be difficult to spend time together. You can try to plan what to do not spend too much time such as walking together on a regular basis.

P.S. Some couples are very busy, but they have a “go out” time to eat together, to watch movies in the evening or the weekend. Are you and your spouse having a hard time making your marriage work? Find out if marriage therapy is the best thing for you to do.

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